Give It a Rest

Screen shot 2014-08-29 at 8.52.17 AMSo the other day, I overheard a conversation that stuck with me. Was I eaves dropping? Well, does it count if people are talking loudly…within your ear reach? I think not…

Whether I was eaves dropping or not is not really the point. The point is more what they were discussing. It was a group of women and they were talking about eating habits. Specifically their own habits vs others. In particular their organic, healthy-ness and others not so much. You know how when you get together with your girlfriends you are so comfortable that you can be a bit more direct than normal? I definitely get that way, and it seems like these women were that way too.

It just got me thinking why do we have to continuously see what others do (if it isn;t just like us) as ‘wrong’? Yes, I like to eat as healthy as I can, and I think it is beneficial for everyone, BUT others decisions are theirs. In food and life. And that isn’t really for you to say what they need. And it’s not for me either.

We are human. We will judge. I think that is probably a truth that will last for all time. But it also seems like judging is more available and more widespread because we are so connected on so many different platforms. Will we all judge someones or something or some act after today? Yeah. probably.

But maybe we can become more aware of it and act with a little more kindness. Just because you have an Oreo doesn’t make you a bad person (Oreos are yummy), and just because you are fruitarian doesn’t make you one either. We are all trying here, and sometimes it feels like up hill both ways. So can we give it a rest? And give each other a break? And maybe a helping hand.

None of us ever really know what another person is going through. So let’s worry less about what they are doing that we may not be doing. And pay more attention to ourselves, not in a selfish way, but in what ways do you want to improve or celebrate yourself? I guarantee that self-celebration will shine onto others!

My grandmother used to say that if everyone just really gave love and attention to their own corner of the world (family, soul, etc.) the world would run a lot smoother.

And to that I say, AMEN.

MUCH Love & compassion,
Jo Beth

Chakra Seven: Sahasrara

07 sahasraraWell, we have reached the last chakra of the system (although some say there are more). Sahasrara is located at the top of the head and it symbolized by a thousand petaled lotus. It is the chakra that is transcendent. Through Sahasrara we reach enlightenment. It is the most abstract of all the chakras, so truly it is sometimes hard to understand.

However it is the place of our understanding and our intelligence. Sahasrara is the ultimate place of understanding. When Sahasrara is open and functioning we are in tune fully with ourselves and the Universe. And we can understand all. Most of us, if we work very hard with this chakra, will only see glimpses of Sahasrara but that doesn’t mean we should ignore it.

So let’s find out more about this chakra…

Sanskrit name: Sahasrara
Element: Thought
Function: Understanding
Emotional State: Bliss
Color: Violet to white
Rights: Right to Know
Glands: Pituitary
Body Parts: Central nervous system, cerebral cortex
Malfunctions: Depression, alienation, apathy, inability to learn
Seed Sound: None
Chief Operating force: Resonance
Main Hindu Deity: Shiva

Because Sahasrara is so much about tuning in, and tuning in on the highest level. The mediation, that I recommend, for this chakra is silence.

Come to a quiet space, find a comfortable seated position. Begin to tune into your breathing.


Sit for anywhere from 10 minutes to an hour.

See what you find when you are quiet, open your mind. Allow your thousand petaled lotus to blossom.

Wahe Guru….

MUCH Love & peace,
Jo Beth

Image source: here
Information sources: Wheels of Life & MyYogaOnline

Veganism & Compassion: my interview with Hillary Libby

I had the privilege of interviewing my sweet friend and kick-butt vegan, yogi, & holistic health coach Hillary Libby. Check out our talk on veganism and compassion below. And Hillary also gives us an AHHHHHmazing cashew cheese recipe!

IMG_3588Sundried Tomato and Herb Cashew Cheese

1 cup raw cashews (soaked at least 4 hours)
2 tbsp nutritional yeast
1 tsp light miso paste (optional but recommended)
2 tbsp fresh squeezed lemon juice
1/3-1/2 cup water
1/2 tsp salt
1/3 cup sundried tomatoes (7-8 pieces)
handful of fresh herbs (such as parsley, basil, rosemary, or thyme)
cracked black pepper

IMG_3591 IMG_3592 IMG_3595 IMG_3599 Drain and rinse cashews. Add to food processor or high powered blender (such as a vitamix) along with nutritional yeast, miso paste, lemon juice, and 1/3 cup of water. Blend until smooth, adding more water one tablespoon at a time until you reach your desired consistency. You may need to scrape the sides of your appliance a couple of times to make sure everything is blended and smooth. Then add salt, pepper, sundried tomatoes, and herbs and pulse or blend to incorporate. Some visible chunkiness is nice for texture and looks pretty too. Serve with crackers, veggie crudité or as a sandwich spread. Enjoy!IMG_3606

More info about Hillary and additional recipes at

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