Fall is near…a meditation for a new season

There’s a chill in the air…fall is coming and for some of us it’s already here. Fall is such a cozy time of year to really tap into gratitude. To open and bring light into your heart this season try this meditation…


Find a comfortable seated position or recline on your back in Supta Baddha Konasana.
Begin to take some deep breaths in and out.

Notice the breath filling your heart, feel the breath move all the way into your soul.
Imagine your favorite fall colors spilling out of your heart and filling your body.

Begin to feel grateful for the colors, for the fall, for the spirit.
Notice the day, today. What has happened that you can be thankful for?

The sky, the clouds, that you are here and breathing.
Love, life, smiling faces.

Begin to let the things you are grateful for roll through your mind.
Fell every thankful moment, fill you up with light.

Repeat in your heart…

I am thankful, I am grateful, I am gratitude, in every moment I am gratitude.

Continue to let this echo within you for as long as you choose.

Softly come back to the space and yourself, as you open your eyes open them to see all that is thanks.

Jo Beth

photo of the Smoky Mountain National Park
courtesy of National Park Service

Navigating the Wave of ‘What the Hell?!’

Have you had those moments where you stop, drop, and ask the Universe ‘what the hell am I doing with my life?’

Yeah, me too.

Waves-Wallpaper-Desktop-Download-91253No matter where we seem to be on our journeys, young or old, successful or feeling like a failure, there will be moments where we are not sure where to go next. Sometimes we’re cruising the wave and sometimes we are spit out of it like a giant monster puking up a hairball (beautiful image right?).

I have to admit that recently I have felt more like the monster puke, than the goddess surfer riding the wave. I am not sure where to go next and I am trying to be in the flow and listen. But why is no one talking? Hello!

It’s easy to feel like the moments of ‘lost’ will never end or that what we are asking, we will never get a response. So how do we ride the wave when we don’t know where it’s going?

Well, sorry to break it to you but there’s no quick way out. There is no instant hopping out of the wave that may be crashing on you. The only option is to let go of resistance and hold onto all you have left…faith.

Yeah it’s not easy and it’s not quick and it’s not smooth. It is rough and hard and confusing and real life.

So we let go and trust. We pray a lot and we pray hard. And we know that one day we will be surfing that wave again, cause we are graceful and brilliant, and not meant to live in the puke.

Ride the wave & Let go,

MUCH Love,
Jo Beth

Inferiority & the stomach bug

b070367136289788674bcde9b86256cfSo, all this week I have had the stomach bug. Well Monday through Wednesday/part of Thursday. I really think the last time I was that sick I was a kid, which makes sense because that’s who I caught it from.

Anyway, being sick in bed and completely unproductive leaves you browsing. And where else to browse but the vortex known as the internet? As I was scanning social media I came upon a cute company (posted by a celeb). As I was scrolling through learning more about the company I discovered that the founder/owner/ceo/design lady was 27. WHAT?!

I am so close to 27 I can smell it, and what have I done? If I am listening to my sick self, then maybe what I’ve done is throw up like 8 times. But I don’t have a company.

These thoughts happen to all of us right? When we see someone our age (or younger) that has accomplished, what we think, is so much more than us we start to feel that friendly ol’ pal…inferiority.

Standing inside ourselves we always see ourselves as smaller than the outside world. And maybe you haven’t made a million dollars and maybe no more than a handful of people know your name, but does that mean you are less? Does that mean that your life is worth piddlin? I don’t think so.

Sometimes we gotta check ourselves. Acknowledge that the other person has a different life, is it better? I don’t know, but it’s not yours, so why dwell on it? We also have to realize that we have time until our last day, to shift, change, and dream. Remembering that it’s truly never ‘too late.’

And remembering that if we can say, at the end of the day, that we have loved. If we can say that we tried mega hard. If we can say that we went out and gave it our all, then maybe we’ve done ok. And by ok I mean, double-rainbow rocking good job!

Yes, maybe we want to do more and maybe we will. But when I stop and think and breathe, I hope I am remembered with warm feelings and love. And if that’s in then I think that’s pretty good.

Go out and shine, you are worthy and successful, and lovely…

MUCH Love,
Jo Beth

Style Sunday: Little Luxuries Worth the Splurge

I am not afraid to say that sometimes when I’m down, a nice little luxury can brighten my day. You know what I’m talking about. It’s that sweet little perfume bottle on your dresser, or that magical YSL lip gloss that makes you feel oh so fresh!

Here are some little luxuries that are worth the splurge…

Screen shot 2014-09-19 at 10.08.54 PMPerfume: scent is a signature. And I have had quite the journey through the fields of scent and have come to the conclusion that perfume is worth the splurge. That sweet smell left in the room? Oh, that’s you.
My favorite of the moment…Balenciaga Paris

Lipstick: nothing makes you feel more like a lady. Lipstick has come back in a real way (or did it ever leave?!) Sometimes all you need to brighten a gloomy day is a bold lip!

Cashmere: it’s so soft. Anything from cashmere socks to a sweater will leave you feeling pampered especially as we head towards fall. And it’s timeless.
Toasty…Neiman Marcus Cashmere Sock SetScreen shot 2014-09-19 at 10.09.07 PM

A great cocktail ring: A perfect accessory can brighten up a closet of old clothes. You don’t always have to buy a whole new outfit to revamp a look. A cocktail ring can really say ‘TA-DA!’
Boom…Jules Smith Square Acrylic Ring

Tech Accessory: In today’s world, our phone and tablets may be what we look at the most (maybe we should works on that…) So why wouldn’t you want to add a little bright cheerio to something you spend so much time with. Having a little spark on your phone may even make your calls more delightful!
Pizzazz your line…Kate Spade everything comes up roses iphone case

Jo Beth

Give It a Rest

Screen shot 2014-08-29 at 8.52.17 AMSo the other day, I overheard a conversation that stuck with me. Was I eaves dropping? Well, does it count if people are talking loudly…within your ear reach? I think not…

Whether I was eaves dropping or not is not really the point. The point is more what they were discussing. It was a group of women and they were talking about eating habits. Specifically their own habits vs others. In particular their organic, healthy-ness and others not so much. You know how when you get together with your girlfriends you are so comfortable that you can be a bit more direct than normal? I definitely get that way, and it seems like these women were that way too.

It just got me thinking why do we have to continuously see what others do (if it isn;t just like us) as ‘wrong’? Yes, I like to eat as healthy as I can, and I think it is beneficial for everyone, BUT others decisions are theirs. In food and life. And that isn’t really for you to say what they need. And it’s not for me either.

We are human. We will judge. I think that is probably a truth that will last for all time. But it also seems like judging is more available and more widespread because we are so connected on so many different platforms. Will we all judge someones or something or some act after today? Yeah. probably.

But maybe we can become more aware of it and act with a little more kindness. Just because you have an Oreo doesn’t make you a bad person (Oreos are yummy), and just because you are fruitarian doesn’t make you one either. We are all trying here, and sometimes it feels like up hill both ways. So can we give it a rest? And give each other a break? And maybe a helping hand.

None of us ever really know what another person is going through. So let’s worry less about what they are doing that we may not be doing. And pay more attention to ourselves, not in a selfish way, but in what ways do you want to improve or celebrate yourself? I guarantee that self-celebration will shine onto others!

My grandmother used to say that if everyone just really gave love and attention to their own corner of the world (family, soul, etc.) the world would run a lot smoother.

And to that I say, AMEN.

MUCH Love & compassion,
Jo Beth

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