Embracing the Truth: Being Bat Crap Crazy

Yes, we talked about crazy last week. But I have a little bit more to say on the subject.

Sometimes in the yoga community we feel expected to always be calm, to always be in control (as Janet would say). But let’s face that just isn’t always the case. I am tired of feeling like a bad yogi when I embrace my crazy.


I freak out, I get upset, I dance around the house to Hello, Dolly. Why must we all feel like we have to deny some parts of ourselves? Why do we pretend to be always together? Why can’t we embrace our bat crap crazy as a part of our souls?

The time is now!

Now is the time to REALLY embrace all of you. The pretty parts and the cray cray parts. Now is the time to bring to light what REAL yoga is about. It’s about loving yourself and doing the best you can, and forgiving yourself when sometimes it all goes to hell.

Being a put together person does not mean living in a permanent state of meditation because for most of us that is impossible, and it may even be a bit boring (did she just say that?!). Being put together means what it means for you.

Getting make-up on before you run out the door.
Remembering to turn the oven off.
Turning the dishwasher on once and a while.
Having chocolate on your face & not getting embarrassed when someone points it out (chocolate is delicious).
Being able to make time for love, for friends and family, for life!

Never be ashamed of the mess that you may be (because you aren’t always). Don’t think that to be a ‘good’ yogi you have to always be OMing, all you have to do is get up every morning and try again.

Embrace your crazy, wonderful, hella awesome self–all of it!

MUCH Love & dancing to your own beat!
Jo Beth

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Embracing the Crazy + S’mores

1331302016764_309533Cards on the table, I have been a little crazy as of late (or maybe it’s just been magnified).


Because my husband and I bought a house. And by house I mean SERIOUS fixer upper. So the past 3 weeks have been spent beginning renovations. Smashing things, painting things, messing things up, and then having to fix them.

It occurred to me, as I was sitting i my living room crying because the ceiling was basically raining (we are replacing the roof) that it was time I just embrace the crazy.

See, I am the type of person who enjoys organization, cleanliness, & for things to be done on time and on my schedule. And apparently that just doesn’t happen when it comes to renovations. And so with the hiccups, mishaps, and crap storms I became more and more overwhelmed. Leaving me in freak out mode.

Thankfully I have slowly been working on, and trying to learn how to breath and observe. And what I have observed is that all will be done and will be clean. I have also observed the thing that may have made me the craziest is not the situation but myself. So what to do?

Embrace the crazy. I have to temporarily embrace the chaos to live through it.

There are things in life like this all the time. Things much bigger than home renovations. Things life relationship struggles, health scares, big deals. These create chaos in our lives and if we try to go against it, we will become overwhelmed. Because sometimes having order is just not possible.

It’s time to EMBRACE THE CRAZY. Be in the chaos knowing that you will take it one breath at a time. Knowing that it will not last a trillion light years. And knowing that you are just the right kind of crazy to be able to handle it.

And if all else fails S’mores…

2 graham cracker squares
1 (or more!) squares of your favorite chocolate *for something different try peppermint bark
1 marshmallow

Heat marshmallow in microwave for 5-10 seconds or over a fire. Place marshmallow in between chocolate & graham crackers. Enjoy & repeat.

MUCH Love & chocolatey goodness,
Jo Beth

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Chakra Four: Anahata

ANAHATA CHAKRA IMAGEThe fourth chakra is the heart chakra, Anahata. Anahata is oh so dreamy, and one of the funnest chakras to talk about because it is all about love. The fourth chakra is where we feel love, express love, and become love.

Within Anahata is where we find self love, as well as love for others. It is the expression of love in all forms. Beyond romantic love, and into the love of friendship, of family, of the Universe. Anahata is possibly my favorite chakra to focus on because it is so important. It is the blossom after the fire. We have gained our confidence in Manipura and can go out and express love in Anahata.

Anahata becomes so much a connection between our own hearts and the hearts around the world. It is all about CONNECTION. Learning to see others as expressions of the Divine just as you are an expression on the Divine…

So what are the key points to this chakra?

Sanskrit name: Anahata
Element: Air
Function: Love
Emotional State: Compassion, Love, Empathy
Color: Green
Rights: Right to love
Glands: Thymus
Body Parts: Lungs, heart, arms, hands
Physical malfunctions: Asthma, high blood pressure, heart disease, lung disease
Emotional Malfunctions: Difficulty with love, lack of hope, despair, moody, envy, jealousy
Seed Sound: Lam
Chief Operating force: Equilibrium
Main Hindu Deity: Lakshmi

If we are having trouble committing to love, expressing love, or accepting love; it may be time to check it with your fourth chakra. On the flip side if we give away love too easily or are flippant with our love, our chakra may be over functioning. A great way to get love flowing in a good way is to first start showing it to ourselves so that we can give it healthfully to the world.

Try this heart opening meditation to get flowing out & IN to your heart…

Come to a comfortable seated position. Hands rest on knees, palms facing up.
Begin to settle in to your body by becoming aware of your breath.

Begin to send your breathe into your heart. Feel your heart expanding with each inhale. Bring all your awareness to your heart. As your awareness shifts into your heart your body becomes your heart, your mind dives into your heart, all of you is heart. All of you is love.

As your heart expands envision the color green. See the sweetest green filling you up. Knowing that the green is pure love. Love without strings. Love without guidelines. Love without restriction. REAL LOVE.

Accept that love. Begin to repeat to repeat to yourself “I am love. All love is me”

Feel that love fill up your heart, your body. Every mistake you have made, every misstep, every flaw and judgement, feel them being washed with love. Forgiveness as love. Healing as love.

Feel the knowledge that in this moment you are accepted just as you are. Loved just as you are. Worthy just as you are. All love that has ever existed in this world lives in you. ALWAYS…

You are love.

Repeat that mantra “I am loved. I am love.” to yourself and stay in meditation as long as you choose. Become filled with love.

Peace to you~

MUCH Love & power,
Jo Beth

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Information sources: Wheels of Life & MyYogaOnline

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