Tis’ the Season for Gratitude

Every year at Thanksgiving I like to share this poem. It is simple, it is grateful, it is what this season is about. Pull close those you love, fill your heart with gratitude, and let this season be a reminder of magic & magnificence.

Ginkgo_leaves_(Vaires)_2I am grateful
for the fork and spoon
for the sun and moon
for the love in my life
for the love of my life
for the food on my table
for all that I am able
for the shelter overhead
for the comfort of my bed
for the One who made me
& continues to save me
I am grateful
for the sun and moon
& the people in this room

MUCH Love & gratitude,
Jo Beth


4 Natural Ways to Boost your Immunity this Winter

Winter is right around the corner, and with it comes the dreaded runny nose & seasonal sneezes. So why not get a head start on boosting your immunity this year? Here are 5 great and NATURAL ways to give yourself some extra defense…

honeyjar1. Honey: Many of us have heard about the benefits of honey before. And we hear about it cause it works. Taking one to two tablespoons of honey a day can help fight infections from bacteria, fungi and viruses. Honey is jam packed with antioxidants and antimicrobials. (note: skip the clover honey (it has the lowest antioxidant rating) & buy local, it will help with allergies related to your region of the world)

Brassica oleracea2. Cruciferous Vegetables: How do you keep your body running well? By having a clean liver, it’s your body processing center after all. Cruciferous vegetables like kale, broccoli, & cabbage increase the liver’s ability to flush toxins out of the body.

ginger-main3. Ginger: Hello, Ayurveda! Ginger is a miracle root as far as I’m concerned. The ‘hotness’ of ginger stimulates you inner fire (agni) and cleanses the body from the inside. Ginger is particularly effective for the lungs & sinuses–say goodbye to that runny nose!

sage4. Sage extract: Got a cough that you can’t kick or feel a little clogged? Adding a drop or so of sage extract to your tea or a glass of hot water may help. Sage extract is a natural expectorant and will kick start your mucus clean out.

MUCH Love, & good health!
Jo Beth


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Are You in the Way?

c93a5e245de6fb1978706fc0db33f223How much do you enjoy life?

We all have that friend who always seems to be having a good time, who is always shining and full of joy. And sometimes we look and them and ask…’why not me?’ Well, honey, it can be you. That sweet person has just gotten out of their own way, they have learned to enjoy.

Sometimes it is something horrible that is happening or falling apart that gets in the way of enjoying the moment. And those times will come and they will pass. Most of the time it is us, WE are the problem.

It is how we think things ‘should’ be or look, it is jealousy looking at someone else’s life as ‘better than’ yours, sometimes it’s just that we are shut down to our blessings. So you see, it’s not that the joy isn’t there, it’s that we are blinding ourselves to it.

How do we make that shift from s**t to satisfaction? Here are some tips on how…

Meditate: create space to be quiet & still, even just for 5 minutes. Sometimes just giving ourselves time to mentally digest can shift our hearts.

Make a list: write down all the stuff that blocks your happiness. You know those lies you tell yourself…that you’re not good enough, that your life doesn’t matter, etc. And then cross them all out and throw it away, acknowledge that all that is garbage, lighten your load!

Notice: as you walk the dog, or are driving in your car notice what’s around you. Sunshine, cool breeze, the changing of the leaves, small things are where we can find daily joy. Enjoy the world around you, it is there to support you and it’s beautiful.

Write yourself a note: write something positive down, place it somewhere you see everyday. That note is your reminder to be here, to enjoy now, to life and be thankful. The more we tell ourselves something, the more we believe it. Believe in joy!

Go fourth and live!

MUCH Love & joy,
Jo Beth

photo credit: theyallhateus

Fall is near…a meditation for a new season

There’s a chill in the air…fall is coming and for some of us it’s already here. Fall is such a cozy time of year to really tap into gratitude. To open and bring light into your heart this season try this meditation…


Find a comfortable seated position or recline on your back in Supta Baddha Konasana.
Begin to take some deep breaths in and out.

Notice the breath filling your heart, feel the breath move all the way into your soul.
Imagine your favorite fall colors spilling out of your heart and filling your body.

Begin to feel grateful for the colors, for the fall, for the spirit.
Notice the day, today. What has happened that you can be thankful for?

The sky, the clouds, that you are here and breathing.
Love, life, smiling faces.

Begin to let the things you are grateful for roll through your mind.
Fell every thankful moment, fill you up with light.

Repeat in your heart…

I am thankful, I am grateful, I am gratitude, in every moment I am gratitude.

Continue to let this echo within you for as long as you choose.

Softly come back to the space and yourself, as you open your eyes open them to see all that is thanks.

Jo Beth

photo of the Smoky Mountain National Park
courtesy of National Park Service

Navigating the Wave of ‘What the Hell?!’

Have you had those moments where you stop, drop, and ask the Universe ‘what the hell am I doing with my life?’

Yeah, me too.

Waves-Wallpaper-Desktop-Download-91253No matter where we seem to be on our journeys, young or old, successful or feeling like a failure, there will be moments where we are not sure where to go next. Sometimes we’re cruising the wave and sometimes we are spit out of it like a giant monster puking up a hairball (beautiful image right?).

I have to admit that recently I have felt more like the monster puke, than the goddess surfer riding the wave. I am not sure where to go next and I am trying to be in the flow and listen. But why is no one talking? Hello!

It’s easy to feel like the moments of ‘lost’ will never end or that what we are asking, we will never get a response. So how do we ride the wave when we don’t know where it’s going?

Well, sorry to break it to you but there’s no quick way out. There is no instant hopping out of the wave that may be crashing on you. The only option is to let go of resistance and hold onto all you have left…faith.

Yeah it’s not easy and it’s not quick and it’s not smooth. It is rough and hard and confusing and real life.

So we let go and trust. We pray a lot and we pray hard. And we know that one day we will be surfing that wave again, cause we are graceful and brilliant, and not meant to live in the puke.

Ride the wave & Let go,

MUCH Love,
Jo Beth

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